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Import Business: Car Imports

Transportation is a powerful thing and a key to aiding us humans develop as fast as we have. Be it  horses and bulls or elephant or human backs and shoulders, humans have managed to find ways to transport themselves long and short distances in ways that are either easy, fast or both.

The invention of wheel changed how transportation worked for ever, and then the invention of the combustion engine did the same in the 19th and 20th century.  And ever since they were invented, cars have been popular items for import businesses the world over.

While countries like the United States and other European countries developed these machines, countries like Nepal, in South Asia, had cars carried over the hills from India to its capital Kathmandu on people’s backs and shoulders. But things have come a long way since.

Today, car imports are looked upon with different angles altogether. It is no longer about the bigger is better model that the American car makers had long practiced and promoted in the United States. And while the United States was at one time a leading maker of cars, it is now one of its largest importers, or foreign brands are made and sold in the United States. But rules for import business of cars are tricky.

For example, many countries don’t have strict import policies and cars makers that make the vehicle cheap but don’t consider safety and emission issues take advantage of the fact. Then there are developed nations in North America and Europe where the government enforces strong rules on the import business of cars. Cars cannot be imported without meeting certain safety and emission levels.

With the rise of global warming and the threats it causes to the environment, those involved in the import business of cars have to pay ever more attention to how eco-friendly their cars are and what the country to which it is being imported has said in its rules for cars being imported. In the country cited as example above, Nepal, almost     150-200% taxes are charged on all new vehicles imported but little attention is paid to safety and emission levels of the vehicle.

So consider all these things as you begin to think about starting an import business of cars. Don’t forget to scour the major auto shows all across the world. They exhibit not just the best of what is out in the market now, but also what major manufacturers are working on for coming years. Then you naturally meet a lot of industry insiders whose inks could prove invaluable to you in the future.

Import business for cars is really a massive undertaking and not only requires a lot of understanding of the government policies (learn more at http://www.adamstoyota.com/), but also you must be an expert in car brands/models and their pros and cons – marketing BMW you have to know not just E46 but all the rest too, as well as know your market and try to identify sure buyers or resellers. It is an expensive import business to get into, as you might imagine. But import businesses for cars have risen over the years and the demand for hybrid cars are expected to grow exponentially within a few years.

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