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What is Success?

I have been operating this web site for several years and I am quite happy with the success stories of the people who have been subscribers to the daily postings and the article series located on the left hand side of this page.

I am going to be taking this site in a different direction. I am going to be posting stories by the people who have used this site to succeed and let these stories be the source of inspiration to everyone who visits this site.

I will be posting to this blog with these stories weekly, if you would like your story included please feel free to email with your story and I will include links to your site as well.

Success is a very unique thing to everyone and it is different for everyone. Success to one may mean financial success, to another it could mean having great relationships with your family and friends.

To me success means utilizing all your God given talents and skills to help the most people you possibly can.

I hope you enjoy the new direction this site will take and all the old posts will still be available for review.

As always, here’s to your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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  • Hi John! Nice blog with a wealth of information.I think success can be defined as “if it´s to be – it´s up to me”.I haven´t come up with this myself, I just live by it.If you want success online, be prepared to work.

    All the best,