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What are you going to do with 2008?

As the year comes to a close, I often step back to review the successes and opportunities from the previous year. I have done this for several years now and it has helped to make my goals a little stronger with every year that I am blessed with.

The goals I make now are becoming more clear. I mean that they are becoming more detailed and deadline based. The goals I used to set were vague and would change when the first obstacle would come my way.

What I learned from that type of goal setting was that it was a huge waste of time. And the more I did it, the more time I wasted.

But now I tend to get right to the point. I write down exactly what I want, what I intend to do for it and when I expect to reach it.

This has certainly helped me get to things faster and more often.

The other change I have made is that I start towards it immediately after I write it down. I don’t wait for the perfect plan. I launch immediately. This has helped me to gain more momentum with the goals I set and helps me pass through the road blocks with more ease.

If I were to wait for the perfect plan I would never start off and I would never start.

I also became more open to how the goal happens, I used to tie my happiness to the HOW it happened, not just that it happened. This caused a lot of frustration for me. I no longer worry about how it happens. As long as I am moving forward towards the goal, I know that it will happen.

The last thing that I have learned is that ACTION is required. ACTION is the key that unlocks the vault. Without the ACTION, the goal is simply a wish.

The other key to ACTION is that the more people I positively affect with my ACTION, the faster my goal seems to become reality. It’s amazing what happens when you positively affect others.

My final wish for you in the year 2007 is that you are working on your 2008 goals and that you reach them. I hope the above ideas help you in your goal setting and I also hope that if I can help you let me know. You can leave a comment on this blog or email me at johnchc lifetosuccess.com.

Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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