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Corporate Training: What’s Right For You?

More and more companies these days are investing in the training program for their employees. They are investing to maker their employees the best in skill set and competitive then ever. However, the dilemma here is regarding which training program to choose for and how much to invest.

Deciding training needs:
One has to analyze and identify the king of training that one’s employees or staff will require. Training can as such range from simply subscriptions and magazines to other trade related magazines to other tuition fee programs. Assessing ones training need can give you a complete idea about the training program that would best suit you.

Need assessment can be done through employee surveys, in person or online, and one to one interviews and interactions during evaluations. Not only assessing of employees but asking the customers of the areas that they would  want the company to improve can also be helpful. Training can be given in areas like customer care, product innovation, use of various communications technology or faster and efficient billing.

Training should be such so as to align the individual goals with the organizational goals and demonstrating productivity and results. It should help the company serve their customers better and in an efficient manner without giving them any chance to register for complaints.

Deciding the type of training:
The most common formats of training that can be applied to suit your training requirements are stated below:

Online Training
Online training can be imparted through online subscribed news letter, email messages, or virtual tutor available online.
•    Global access to resources and tutors
•    Minimal expenditure as compared to other forms of training
•    Flexible in terms of timing and participation

•    No controlled training
•    Limited interaction amongst colleagues
•    Technical capability required

Onsite Training by Consultant
Hiring a consultant when the company is planning for training employees through out the organization would make much more sense. Training people onsite or on computers can be easily handled by an onsite trainer or consultant.

These onsite consultancy agencies  charge some minimal sum of money to impart and conduct such training programs. These training methods are frequently used imparting supervisory skills, and practicing fair hiring practices.

•    No travel time involved for employees
•    Customized training possible
•    On job training and gives employees a chance to get accustomed to their settings and systems
•    Training done by a third party expert

•    Difficult to find an on site expert consultant
•    Costlier than other forms of training
•    Unfamiliarity on the part of trainer might  create problems
•    Difficulty in attending sessions on part of employees

Onsite Training by Company Management

Companies do send their employees to training on very frequent occasions. They in turn expect these trained employees to impart training to others in their organization.

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