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Our Success in 2008…

Our success in 2008 is ultimately going to be determined by the way we use our time and by our ability to change the habits that are holding us back.

What I find interesting about this is that most of the habits that we need to work on is the we think about things and ourselves.

Has this ever happened to you…

You hit the ground running in the new year, you lose 10 pounds and you use your new planner and you start to feel good about yourself.


You soon find yourself hitting the McDonald’s drive thru and you are leaving your new planner at home on your dresser. Your belt starts to feel snug and your productivity starts to fall apart.

You started off strong but what happened?

I’ve got to be honest with you, if I had a dollar for every time this has happened to me I would rich.

So why does this happen?

It happens because our thoughts on the inside are not congruent with what we want on the outside. This can happen without us even knowing about it. Very subtlety.

It can be a thought that we picked up when we were 5 years old that can holding us back from what we want but if we are not conscious of this thought it can hold us back forever.

Our habits and the habitual way we think is the only thing that will determine whether we succeed or not.

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Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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