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Success and The Noise on the Radio and TV

In the US, we are presently going through our selection process for the next presidential  candidates.

I find it very interesting, that all the potential candidates are calling for change and it doesn’t matter what side of the political line you fall on.

Most of them are pandering to the “Something for Nothing” side of the people who they want to vote for them. What I find interesting about this is that most of them are trying to make the voters feel that the current government has wronged them in some way.

The reason why I find this interesting is that they are in some way saying that the government is here to make us happy.

Now my beliefs are that my happiness is my responsibility. Not the responsibility of the government.

If the government can make me happy, then they can also make me unhappy.

For what can be given to you can be taken away.

That is why I feel that it is our personal responsibility for our own happiness. Not for anything outside of us, to make us happy.

Happiness comes from contribution.

Using your unique talents and abilities to make a contribution to the higher good of our world in a profitable way.

When this starts to happen, happiness and success becomes a daily event.

Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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