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Home Based Business: Finding A Mentor

Home-based businesses are a bit of a recent phenomenon. The idea of leaving the mainstream of working for someone else’s company and starting your own venture does appeal to many people.

What you do need to remember is that very, very few of those who do begin such ventures manage to succeed.

Many, in fact around 95%, fail within the first year itself. The main reason behind such a high rate of failure is that not everybody has the ability to be successful at business on their own.

They hope to succeed simply by diving in, spending money on what they believe in and then coming off far worse than they ever expected to.

For those who are looking at home-based businesses there are professional mentors available. Mentors help people realize their business goals everyday. They help with developing and planning your home-based business as well as offering their expertise with the removal of obstacles.

You know that your mentor will have easily made more than his fee if your business belongs to the tiny minority that does succeed.

But you should be careful when selecting your mentor – you should know how to select a legitimate one ad not just somebody after your money.

Here, in fact, are some of the things you should consider while choosing a mentor:

•    One of the first things you will realize is that the internet reflects the real world in the sense that there are many people who fraudulently claim to be gurus in order to get to your money.

You need to find out what kid of person you need – one who will be of real help to you. Sort out these people, look up reputations and ignore the thieves and frauds.

•    Always verify the credentials and background of your mentor. Since you are looking for a professional you will need such qualifications anyway.

Also, a proper professional will have no problem with supplying you with this information – in fact he may volunteer to give it to you right away.

•    You should be able to communicate with your mentor in a smooth manner. Communication is very important, especially as you will need to learn things from your mentor.

Therefore your mentor must give you a direct phone line, email address, good references and a website URL.

•    Lastly your mentor should be the kind of person who can really help you from having been where you are now and having learnt from experience.

A good mentor will anticipate your queries and problems and provide you with working solutions. Good communication, as has been mentioned before, is the key. You should have easy access to your mentor.

You will find that a home-based business is really rewarding. Making money is viable and you could find yourself belonging to the less than 5% that do succeed.

Getting yourself a mentor is good way of ensuring that you do better and you know more about what is going on. But make sure you a get a good one who can really help you and not some fraud after your money.

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