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Online Language Learning: Sign Language

Most of us must have had a scary experience while learning a sign language. The involvement of lots of hand movements makes the learning process more complex. To solve this problem, there are loads of online websites dedicated to provide you with initiation to learn sign language. These websites are perfect teachers for novice as well as experienced users. The subsequent discussion is more than helpful in introducing these websites to learners.

American Sign Language Browser  – The Ultimate Resource Site

The ASL Browser is designed to convert each and every word of language into signs. The site has a huge database of words that are categorized alphabetically. You may click the alphabet to look for a word stating with it. You may locate the desired word in the long list of words. You will see a hand in the middle of the screen that enacts the sign associated with that particular word. A step-by-step process is accompanied with this hand movement to make the sign clear for observer.

Lesson Tutor – Perfect Instructor

Lesson Tutor is not less than an online school and this make it the most admired web portal for learning sign language. Along with ASL tutorials, you are provided with facility to print the worksheets for later reference. The site may appear beneficial for serious learners, but even if you are there for learning basic fundamentals, its worth paying a visit.

Complete Dictionary of ASL  – Mastertech.com

The basics of sign language could be learnt here. After making you understand about the letters and alphabets, it provides information about sign movement through animations. The next step of this process is to visit the dictionary and try your hands on different words organized in it. 

ASL – The Online University

This website provides some interesting and informative lessons for every type of users including students, teachers, writers and almost everyone. There are as many as seven free courses offered by this University to facilitate you with a number of topics related to culture and religion. Along with these courses, there are other lessons to teach you sign languages.

The courses offer nearly twenty lessons and that too without paying any fees. The site is well appreciated for providing online resources like dictionary, free font downloads, hilarious jokes and also some quizzes related to word spellings. The site is a great learning experience for providing valuable sign language tutorials.

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