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Time Management: Stop Procrastination

Procrastinating means delaying a work for no apparent reason, and for optimizing productivity and output, procrastination must be done away with. Often, we are aware of the task to be performed, and this awareness makes our lives stressful. Rather than doing one task at a time, a complete activity reduces productivity and delves us away from our goals in life.

Reasons for procrastination 

Procrastination is viewed as something that is bad, and psychologists believe that a complicated psychological problem in the human mind creates it. The result is only one – delaying important things. Procrastination mainly takes place with difficult tasks, and this is not only on the professional level, but on the personal level as well. A combination of problems, either jointly or in isolation, is behind this phenomenon. 

  1. Procrastination is directly related to disorganization. The latter involves forgetting things, or having a huge task impossible to be divided into smaller parts. This causes procrastination. 
  2. Fear triggers procrastination. The fear, of whatever kind, must be looked after, instead of being ignored. The more we shy away from that fear, we will not be able to overcome it. 
  3. Try adopting a method of perfection. Avoid incomplete work, and do not start a work unless you are sure to complete it. This will avoid procrastination.

Some steps to get over procrastination 

It is necessary to address the reason behind procrastination, without which the problem can just not be solved. Some steps to avoid procrastination are listed below: 

  1. An appointment book can be maintained to remind you of things to be done, to avoid forgetting tasks. 
  2. A list can be made of all the important tasks that you need to perform in a day. Prioritizing will only help you achieve it. 
  3. Link the task that you are performing with your overall goal. Keep in mind what you will gain on the success of the task, and this is likely to keep you involved in your task. 
  4. You can inform close persons to you about what you intend to do in a specified time frame. It will help you stay focused on the goal, and complete it within that time. 
  5. A big project can be divided into smaller ones, with a deadline to achieve each one of them. 
  6. Begin with the thing that you hate the most in the task, and time it for say, about 15 minutes each time. 
  7. Realize the importance of having accomplished a given task. You have done it! That should give you enough satisfaction and motivation.

Keep place for fun and offloading activities in your schedule. Check the to-do list at every day-end which will give you satisfaction of having achieved a goal. Time management is essential for this purpose. And most importantly, release your goals and relate it with your work. In today’s times, being in business is a big achievement on its own so utilize the opportunities presented to you.

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