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Time Management: For New Teachers

A new teacher has a lot on mind before he or she has even begun work. Most people deter from setting things right at this stage because the very task of getting things organized for the job of the new teacher seems an impossible thing to achieve. First and foremost a schedule needs to be got into place. Then the new teacher needs to familiarize himself with the content and teaching area. He also needs to get to know his students and their parents properly so as to figure out how to address various problems.

New teachers can merely follow the following checklist to have an idea of the things that he needs to do:

  • Putting your tasks in writing solves a lot of problems. The human memory cannot possibly hold all that he is supposed to do. Putting things down in writing is a very secure option. Think of all the jobs you need to do. All that you are supposed to remember, if you simple write it down you will never forget to do those things. This is because you will constantly be going through the list you have made to tick off the things that you have already done, and to know what the things you still need to do are. Always keep this list handy. You might always want to add something on to it later if you suddenly happen to remember it in the middle of another task.
  • Now that you have managed to make a list, rearrange the items on the list according to priority. You may also want to rearrange the items based on chronological order of which those things must be completed. This will require you to pay careful attention to each item and assess it. Decide on the tasks that are more important than the others. Make sure to label important tasks ‘urgent’ so that you do not overlook those. Writing out tasks in different font sizes or in pens of different colors help you easily organize them. Color coding always helps.
  • Dividing all the major tasks your need to complete into smaller and more manageable chunks always is a good idea. You can set time limit to each of these sub tasks. You will realize that your job got done with much more ease, and got completed on time without you even realizing. Concentrate on one job at a time. Do not let one job spill over into another one. This just upsets the entire schedule and adds to the confusion.

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