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Special: Expert Hightlight – Brian Litman – The Ultimate Goal Of Coaching

I often get asked…

What is the ultimate goal of coaching?

I will answer this in as few words as possible.

Let’s start with the definition.

There are many definitions of coaching
but this one sums it up best.

A coach is one who instructs, directs or
guides, prompts,reinforces, encourages and
motivates a person to reach a desired outcome.

The goal of coaching is to provide information
in the form of feedback through a series of
questioning that allows a person to better manage
their behavior, and give them skills to improve
the quality of their life or reach a predetermined

It’s all about facilitating the gradual consistent
forward movement of a person going from where they
are now to where they want to be.

What does coaching mean to you?

How could you best help a person move forward?

Think about it and write it down.

Becoming clear on this can lead to a 6 figure coaching
business in the next 24 months.

Coaching you to coach others,

Brian Litman


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