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Time Management: Manage Time Effectively

Time management is a growing concern for people from all walks of life and all age groups across the world. As more and more people begin to feel the need to effectively utilize their time in the wake of a huge time mismanagement they live through in their daily lives, here are a few tips we have to offer:

  • Schedule: keep a mental check on the things you need to accomplish each day. Wake up thinking of the things you will need to finish before going to bed that day. Allot a reasonable time for each duty you need to fulfill. Write it down if you cannot remember. Make sure to revisit your lost several ties a day to remind you of the work still left to do.
  • Assessment: making a schedule is easy enough. It is the following of that schedule that gets tedious. This will not happen if you set realistic goals for your self. Being self-motivated alone solves the problem. Ask yourself what work is still left to be done. Set targets for yourself and strive to fulfill them. Also keep a tab of the things that you do but that do not bear any fruitful result. Instead of simply wasting time over those things you can include other items in your daily schedule.
  • Focus: try and do the little things you do daily as accurately as possible. For example, ripping an envelope open rather than opening it neatly from the sides is not something you must do. The rationale is that once you start doing these small things well, you will be more focused on the major things that your day is made up of.
  • Rest: do not continue to work on something if you feel the concentration waning. The whole idea is to do your job efficiently irrespective of the time you spend. Therefore, if you have rested well, you will be able to concentrate on your job better. However, do not make frequent resting a habit at the cost of your work.
  • Concentrate: taking short naps between hours of work and study help to concentrate better. Also follow this simple exercise using your computer to improve concentration. If you use your keyboard as much as possible if helps your tolerance levels t increase. Navigate a text using the arrow keys, ‘home’ and ‘end page’ keys. On the web too use keys like ‘tab’ and ‘enter’ for most of the jobs. These little things go a long way in improving concentration

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