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Time Management: Stay Motivated

You know that you have to plan all you have to do carefully, have your calendars and diaries, lists and memos in good order, etc. but do you have enough motivation to make the most of the time you have? The tips given below might be helpful to you:

Think of the William James quote: “Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.” Think how good you feel when you finish doing all the stuff on your to-do list.

You should try to do the most important or the least attractive thing on your list first and get it out of the way.

When you find yourself sitting at your desk doing something inane when you know you should do something important, then don’t try to do either, but do something different which you enjoy doing. You might not have got the important task done, but at least your time wasn’t wasted. You wouldn’t have concentrated on the task anyway given the mood you had been in.

Don’t use any of the free time you get due to better time management to do even more work. You should use whatever free time you get to do something you enjoy doing but didn’t get time earlier to do.

When you accomplish something good, then reward yourself. Do not reward yourself for wasteful work.

If you get bored with the same routine month after month, then make some changes in the schedule.

When you are working at a particular task, then give it all your attention without thinking about what else you have to do. You should give you attention to your to-do list only when the current task is done.

You should make friends with people who are positive and will encourage you to do your work the best you can and make the most of your time.

You should fit all the things you like doing within your schedule – fun stuff will always enliven your mind and make you do the important yet tedious tasks better. Try to schedule the fun things in after you finish the to-do tasks.

Make some time for just yourself every day. You should always go on holidays and rest enough to avid burnout.

When you find yourself doing unproductive things again, remind yourself that you will never be able to get back the time you waste.  

Eat healthily and sleep the adequate amount.

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