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Time Management: Reduce Stress

It is very stressful to have a schedule which is irregular, maybe because it leads to a lack of calm in the mind and involves mental clutter. Here is one way you can use to relieve stress in case you have been feeling very stressful lately.

There is a lot of your time which is wasted when you have an irregular schedule. Thus, you should try to make your daily schedule as regular as you can. Yes, there are always things which suddenly pop up and you have to rush to take care of them, but apart from those uncertainties, you should try to arrange your life as regularly as possible. This will make you feel more calm, confident and in control, and will also save time which usually gets eaten up in your irregular routine

Even if you do not sleep eight hours now, you should plan to sleep for eight hours at night. This is because people who sleep for eight hours have a longer life expectancy than those you don’t. You will not feel as sleepy and groggy as you do in the mornings now if you follow a particular schedule of sleeping, say from 11 pm to 7 am. You could keep the last hour for some relaxation to call yourself. Your body will get into a regular rhythm if you follow a proper schedule.

A lot of people have irregular work schedules and students have irregular class schedules, but it is possible for them to bring some regularity into their schedules. If a student has different class timings everyday, he could decide to be in class or studying between 10 am and 3 pm or run some chores between classes without keeping them for the end of the day.

You could also decide on a certain day of the week to run your errands, appointments and shopping. Parents or children might have some medical appointments and try to keep them for that one day of the week. This way you shall be able to save bigger portions of your time to do other things. If you have to look after elderly parents, you could visit them one day of the week, spend say from 9 am to 2 pm with them, and if they do not have doctors’ appointments, then you could go for a movie or shopping.

Having a regular schedule will do a lot to keep your life calm and give you a sense of control.

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