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Outsourcing: Ideas

Mentioned below is a comprehensive list of things which I outsourced in a time span of merely a week: 

  • Updated the site for reviews, placed my picture of the page, and opted for code and preceding
  • Amended more than 1,300 pages, and also made an exit pop-up. Exit pop-ups for another 5 websites were also made
  • Edited the pages of ‘Thank you’ and ‘Squeeze’ while keeping the same level of feel
  • Created online help desk and took care of installation too
  • The same thing done for Forums as well
  • Split tested three sales page editions for the sales page of all the websites

 Apart from these things, I have also purchased membership websites, made a payment to copywriters for upgrading of the page of sales, and two months after working on it, profit flew in and keeps coming. So this surely is a better option than having to establish a membership website all by your own. Also, owing to the experience that I have in outsourcing, I have found my interest which gives me a high given my present scenario. It has helped me become better at planning and implementing projects. Also, it has eliminated my need of worrying about petty issues and focus on bigger aspects of the business. So permit me to leave for the gym now, to get rid of the excessive fat that I have gained from the business. 

A small checklist to know whether you are on the right track 

I list some of the tasks that must be adhered to in order to do well in the job of outsourcing: 

  • In case of the page containing the sales, make sure to get a proper conversion system in line with what has been discussed in this article, and also have a fine copywriter for emergency purposes
  • Research on what kind of themes, as in color of the background, font, etc., works well, and reason for it
  • Know your primary sources for repeat and/or automatic viewing of your site. Make sure that if you spend money to get an article from external sources, then it is worth it
  • Send automated survey forms to customers on the 10th day after purchase to know their opinion and experience with the product, and make this a habit for better understanding of the customer
  • Make sure that overall, all the sites must bear same kind of a look even if it means having just the same picture and even the signature on each of the sales page
  • Finally, keep track of all the work that you do. If you are spending on an item, analyze how much revenue it is getting you. It may so happen that what you thought to be unnecessary would be bringing in more revenues for you than what you might have expected. So it is very important to have a record of all the items of expenditure equally.

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