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Systematic Outsourcing

The question of why at all does one decide to outsource their jobs have been discussed earlier. What I would now like to draw your attention to is how would you effectively outsource work so 6hat you waste minimum energy and get maximum jobs done. For starters, you need to have clear perspective of why you are doing what you are panning to do, that is to say, outsource your work. Let me elaborate this for you under the following heads: 

  • People for whom hiring additional employees is a concern, outsourcing is the simplest means to get their jobs done without having to do so. One may not wish to hire additional employees for various practical reasons. For one, it may be extremely expensive hiring someone on a full time basis but not having enough work for him or her to do all the time. It means you are paying for no work done in those hours. Outsourcing is simple in the sense that you get people to complete your tats as and when you ask want it and you pay them on basis of the task, not as you would the people on your company’s regular payrolls. Plus, if you have the assurance of finding such freelancers whenever you need them, you will not find reason to increase the work load on the regular employees
  • Companies these days need to constantly upgrade equipment of the company, their services and the capacities of their employees by providing them with refresher courses and trainings. This leads you to expending a lot of money. But by outsourcing work, you readily find such competitive persons who are willing to work for you on a freelance basis. This arrangement is therefore convenient both for the company as well as for the worker.
  • Since those who do the work for you when you outsource do not form a part of the regular pay roll of your company you do not need to take on additional administrative hassles like preparing their pay sheet, their tax forms, etc. This is a very informal arrangement that the company enters into with these workers who are employed only according to the task that is wanted out of them. The company owes no other liability to that employees apart from the pre decided wages or fees that have been agreed upon.
  • With companies coming up and populations rising, the space that a firm or a company gets to itself is extremely constrained. Therefore, should the work traffic of your company increase which cannot be handled by your regular employees, when you outsource that work, you need not provide a work space for those employees. They work from the comforts of their homes and offices and their business with you is only to complete your task and get paid for like. Likewise, you are interested only in the quality of the work they provide.
  • As mentioned earlier, your liability to such employees ends once you have paid them their pre agreed wages. Apart from that, unlike the regular company employees, you need not provide them with insurance premium, a paid holiday, social security contribution, etc. your concern with them lies only in the nature of job they provide you with.
  • It is interesting to note that communication between your employee and you becomes simpler than in the standard company format, where any communication to a regular employee must follow a long-drawn channel of communication. In case of such freelancing employees you can communicate with them on an informal basis via the telephone or emails, rather than in board rooms. This helps is quicker communication which leads to the work being done quicker too.
  • The freelancer that you have engaged in may also, at times, help you come in contact with potential clients who may in turn out to be major business partners of the future. But for that you will have to keep an open mind.
  • There is always scope to earn some extra profit over the regular one. You may at as a middleman in some cases between these freelancers you know and other companies which are into the same kind of work as yours and pick up some additional revenue.
  • Being a regular outsourcer you get familiar with the people who bid on the internet for your work. You now come in a position to choose who you wish to give your work based on their competence and quality of work.

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