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Team Building: Tips For Managers

It is a common headache for managers to get their employees to co-operate and work with each other harmoniously. The problem of getting them to work as a team seems a goal unreachable and distant even in the distant. At end of the day what the managers need is the work done successfully and that can be achieved easily if the employees work as a team. It is true that when a car moves it will make some noise but we can use a silencer to minimize the noise if need be. So here are certain team building tips for the managers which will act as silencers and prevent your employee car from making too much noise.

It has been seen that the environment in which your employees work should be conducive for them to think that they are a team of people being lead by a coach and then the output of the entire team is much higher than normal. The common power hierarchy of the supervising and the subordinated does not go well while working in a team. Your employees will get the idea that since you are the supervisor so it is completely your duty and responsibility to do the deed. He will never accept that it is his responsibility also. But if the system is of coach and player then they understand that the team can win only if each individual puts in 100% of his/her capability and therefore they work to their best capacity. You should also appear as a role model to them since everybody loves to work for a winner and hard worker so remember that you as the manager play the most important role in building up your team, so approach carefully so as to make your team work optimally.

Further a good relation between the employer and the employee is a key factor for the success of a team work. The relationships input a great block to team building, that of trust. Trust is the factor which tells you if you are going to get full co-operation, half-hearted co-operation or no co-operation at all. It is a vital part to encourage and motivate your employee.

Approachability and availability of the employer further links the employee to the employer. Your employee should realize that you are always there to be approached and consulted if and when they have any problem whatsoever. This will help you gain not only their trust and goodwill but will also help you know if the work is going the way you want it to. No employee would ever feel like working heartily for an employer who is cold and unapproachable. Always be sure to share information with your workers. This will further help you gain their trust.

Always make sure to set goals for your team. This is the next important thing that you should keep in mind while team building. Setting goals make your employees want to achieve that goal and hence work more effectively. This will also include motivation to get that added extra from your employee.

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