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Corporate Team Building

The idea of employee’s job satisfaction is an important point in successful working of any company but it is also one of those fields which is not recognized as being important. More than often it is disregarded. The employer has to understand that if the employee does not enjoy what he is doing then he will take very less interest in doing the same that too efficiently. Team building games can at all times be incorporated to strengthening this work base of the employees.

Today the corporate world holds a huge influence over our lives. As these become integral parts which hold our culture and civilization together it is becoming increasingly important for the corporate managers to look into the happiness and satisfaction of their employees. Indeed productivity of any enterprise or sector is directly related to their employee satisfaction.

There is an on going discussion on what motivates the workers. Herman Cain of the Godfather’s Pizza has said that no one really can motivate any worker if the person spoken about is not motivated from within himself. This is thought of the FISH theory. The name is derived from the fish market activities. It has been seen by one such fish employer that his employees were filling out the orders by playing a game of throw and catch of the fishes. This made the work enjoyable not only for them but the customers too looked happy. This fun in working actually increased the production level of that particular fish monger employer, with the help of video production phoenix, the productions increase.

But in practice very few offices can follow exactly this method since most offices require their employees to sit behind a computer the entire day. However there are still certain ways in which you can do this and hence enhance the working capacity of your team. Implementing fun in the work will help your employees enjoy what they are doing and also inspire them to do it again and again hence increasing their efficiency levels. One such game that you can easily implement is the Scavenger Hunt game.

The game has been initially introduced into the working framework by a company called the Watson Adventures. They are a team of online resource for team management and building that help almost all companies in setting a strong work base. The productivity of teams and even their satisfaction levels rise with the help of such games. The scavenger hunts are fun and adventure filled and in a city it allows various options like a museum or a zoo etc.

The Watson group call their museum scavenging the most surreal of the entire lot. This actually enables the members participating to challenge one another and compete to gain experiences of strong relations with the other members as well as job satisfaction.

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