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Team Building Tips

The place where the team building session is going to take place is an important thing to keep in mind. Neither the client nor the consultant would want to be disturbed or disrupted by the common chores of an office like a voicemail or an email beeper etc.  The locations vary from consultant to consultant and client to client. Some choose a more corporate setting while others prefer to go out to nature to help them. Make sure you are well aware of what type of environment would be conducive for the development of your team. Here are a few tips:

1. Make a routine to implement the action plan of team building in your everyday work and life. Choose certain days for the programme without disrupting the normal course of work so that the programme gets under way as well as the office keeps on working well. Help the participants implement what they learn in their work in everyday life at the office. Make the supervisors and managers follow up on the programme during all staff and general body meetings. Find out if group coaching or individual training will be helpful for your team. Always make sure that the team action is sustained at all times.

2. Give adequate time to your team members and try to gauge their needs and necessities which will help them work proficiently and for the general success of the group. Create an environment which will help your employees open up to you; make them feel comfortable so as to discuss their problems and difficulties if any. Look into what they personally want from the team building programme as it will enhance your understanding of the need of that particular individual to work better. Make sure that you know very well what the team actually needs to work successfully before you actually go for a team building programme. Always find out what exactly your team needs. This will help you focus particularly in the need at hand without groping around in the dark.

3. It is always a good idea to keep the programme of team building regular. Once the initial stage of management of the team is over it is highly recommended that it is followed up regularly. Keeping the same consultant at all times creates a bond between the facilitator and your team who can then work better as they will understand each other better due to prolonged interaction. Keep this running and you will be surprised at the results that you get. Always maintain the time space in which you are doing this. Check to see if you and your team can get at it more often. This will really boost up the work efficiency of your team.

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