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Team Building Program

“Trails” is what we call the process of development of the team by successful leaders and managers. Managers usually work at their best to produce a group of people who will work at the highest level of their efficiency. There is usually a comfort level between the manager and his employees which enable them to work better but it is also a fact that, as soon as the manager crosses that comfort level then other options regarding the increase of efficiency of his group. This pushing of the comfort level actually opens up many dynamic and synergistic processes which further catalyze the efficiency of the workers and the team as a whole.

Within the framework of a team building system the members are encouraged to do certain things which they are actually afraid of doing so that the comfort zone is pushed resulting in newer synapses in the brain that enable the individual to search out newer methods of tackling that situation. This system of crossing the comfort level opens up your and your employees’ perspective levels and now you can feel and implement experiences that are totally novel. By scary methods we actually do not mean some scary situation like falling off a cliff or jumping into a violent stream. The methods used are actually situations that might be encountered by the members while working in their offices everyday. Pushing your comfort zone can mean that instead of being too bossy and talkative with your employees suddenly change into a silent, ever listening character. This will scare your employees and the fact that they will not know of the reason you have turned off suddenly will make them work more efficiently to please you and bring you back to your normal state. This way you will also be able to understand what the basic problem is, whether it is with the employees or you the employer himself. Further taking such a view will help you set things right by changing your self or the mentality of your workers. Give a push to the comfort levels everyday as this will create an open environment which will make your members speak up. Respect their thoughts and hear them out properly as this will create commitment on their part to give in their best.

It is easy to make your team members push their comfort limits and make them work efficiently but have you ever realized if you could do the same? We all push ourselves at a physical level, overworking day after day, but how many of us do really push ourselves at a intellectual level for the betterment of any team we are working in?

What a team facilitator does is exactly this. He initiates this process of challenging the intellect of individuals by themselves and not by him. How many managers and leaders push their intellectual limits and team limits? When ultimately the facilitator has finished your job you find that your team has grown into a smarter team armed with new and enhanced perspective.

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