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Success, Happiness and The Rewards You Receive

Let’s look at a definition of success – “The progressive realization of a worthy goal.” This is the definition that Earl Nightingale used in teachings.

When you make success a study, you start to see a re-occurring theme and that is that success comes from contributing to others through your unique strength and ability.

And the more you positively effect others the greater your level of success.

When you market your product or service in a profitable way, the more people you serve the more profit you receive.

This actually falls in line with the Law of Compensation:

1. The need for what you do
2. Your ability to do it
3. The difficulty there will be to replace you

Let’s break it down:

1. The need for what you do – is there a market that your product or service serves? And how big is that market?

2. Your ability to do it – Do you get your product or service to the market place in an efficient manner with superior service levels?

3. The difficulty there will be to replace you – Will your customers die before leaving you? Is your market saturated with competition?

When you look at yourself as business and start to develop your talents and abilities and market them to your customers in a profitable manner, you will start to see the rewards for your efforts.

But if you bury your talent, you will never see the rewards and you will be doing yourself and this world a great disservice.

Start today to live your life in a manner that highlights your greatest strengths and start to reap the rewards that yours.

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Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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