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Success and Your Power of Focus

Successful living requires piecing one successful moment together with other successful moments. And your ability to concentrate your focus on the successful application of activities that create a result that you desire.

Desire then action towards that desire is the key.

You ability to focus your energy to activities that bring about your desire will help you get whatever you desire.

Now sometimes you will find an obstacle that gets in your way. Within every obstacle there is the solution to that obstacle. Every obstacle brings a lesson that has to learned and focusing on learning that lesson will help you overcome that obstacle.

How do you find ways to maintain your focus?

1. When you create a desire make sure that you give yourself enough reasons why? Make the list of reasons as long as you can make it. Every time you seem to be lacking motivation refer back to this list.

2. Remember every setback is a stepping stone towards your desire. Look at setbacks favorably. Do not look at them with despair. Find the lesson you need to learn to get past the obstacle.

3. Make sure sure you have a followup desire and make sure you have a why list a mile long for that desire as well. The reasons on that list may be enough to help you achieve your first desire.

4. Make sure to find information that will help you get further along towards your desire. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. What ever you desire, chances are someone has already walked that path and can help you, with their knowledge, get you where you want to go much faster than you could by yourself.

This is a small list but very powerful. Make sure to apply these things and they will help you maintain focus and achieve whatever it is you desire.

Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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  • I enjoyed your post today. Setbacks can be gifts if we look at them as such, as that is where the most growth tends to happen. I told one of my students yesterday who is going through a major life change, “I’m glad you’re uncomfortable.” Why? Because it means she is forced to break down the walls of fear and actually live. I encourage everyone to take a good look at the changes that need to happen in their lives, and I challenge them to make them happen.