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Success and The Requirement of Advanced Thinking

I think about success everyday, sometimes hours on end. And I am amazed most of the time by the fact that from the beginning of recorded history the advances in technology that has been made since then.

When you couple that thought with fact that everything that we needed to make those advances have been there from the beginning of time you really have a mind bender.

Think about the advances that were made in just the last 100 years let alone the last two thousand years.

Why does it seem to have come so far and so fast in the last 100 years compared to the last 1000 years?

The only thought that I can come up with is that we have learned to advance our thinking and make better use of the resources we have at hand.

I you hold constant the thought that everything we need to accomplish anything we desire is already here, we just need to start to take action towards that desire and the resources will start to arrange themselves in a way that will help us to accomplish that desire.

We only need to hold the desire constant with WHITE HOT consistency and move towards it with action towards its accomplishment on a constant basis.

As we move towards it, it will move towards us.

This takes a lot of advanced thinking. Thinking about more than just what is right in front of our eyes, but about what we can’t see, feel, or smell.

What do you think?

Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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