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Success… Does it really matter…

When you think about success and the due diligence necessary to make a successful life, what does it really matter?

I often think about this and I always return to the same conclusion…

It does matter!

No matter how many times I try to think of reasons why it doesn’t matter, something deep in the pit of stomach always tells me it’s wrong to think of that reason. Something deep… Something very profound starts to happen to my thinking that solidifies the fact that success does matter.

But it matters to everyone in different degrees…

I mean think about it for a minute… No matter what reason you give for not succeeding you will find someone who has overcome that very thing. Whenever you give a reason outside of yourself for failing, you give power to that very thing.

And that dilutes your power.

Everything you do either helps or hurts, there is nothing that is neutral. Your thoughts are cause in motion. Positive/Productive thoughts have a cause and so do Negative/Non-Productive thoughts.

The key is to try and keep yourself in a positive vibration as often as you can.

I also want to leave you with this thought.

These lyrics come from a song called “How You Live” by Point of Grace:

“Make peace with God and make peace with yourself

‘Cause in the end there’s nobody else”

When you are working in harmony with your strengths and your true being, which is more powerful than you could possibly imagine, you are truly living a successful life.

When we are face to face with our maker, any excuse we give for not living up to our potential will be just that and as far as I surmise there will be no jury to take us off the hook.

Here’s to your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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