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Success and The Need to Be Honest with Yourself

When you are looking at yourself and reviewing whether you are acting in a successful way or not, one of the biggest things that you have to look at is being honest with yourself.

For some reason, our culture and the media has made it easy for us to candy coat every failure somehow making it someone else’s fault and not ours.

The fact around success is that it requires us to get a RESULT!

If we are not getting the result, then we need to…

#1 – Take responsibility for our part in not achieving the result we are looking to get.

#2 – We need to learn from this and take a new line of action towards what we desire.

#3 – Stop blaming others for our shortcomings. You can see and hear this everyday by plenty of people around you. When I hear this form of communications coming from people I know, it makes me sad.

#4 – Remember, Our Happiness is our RESPONSIBILITY, not anyone else’s.

#5 – Before you can move on to anything else, you must be thankful for what you already have and you also have to be using everything at your disposal at it’s optimum point. In order to move onto the next level you must be fully thankful for the level you are at and using everything to the fullest at that level.

Being candid with where you are at and asking hard questions about the results you are currently getting will only make you stronger in the long run.

Success comes with a price and that price is…

Making sure you have a clear, time bound goal or objective and that the only action that you are engaging in is action that is moving you towards that goal or objective.

If you run into obstacles, find the lesson you need to learn to get past it and apply the action from the lesson you have learned.

And never give up!

Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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