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Success and Making Excuses

Success is one of those things that has to be worked at everyday through focus on our goals and the discipline needed to stay the course, while in pursuit of these goals.

So when is the right time to make excuses?


Success and excuses… are incompatible.

Excuses are blaming circumstances for for failure. Failure is basically giving up.

Will you run in to roadblocks and circumstances that cause you not to reach your goal or objective?

Absolutely! But the key is to look on these as learning experiences not failures.

Find the lesson you need to learn from the setback and find the solution in this lesson and apply the new skills necessary to get past the roadblock and move forward.

The key is not to make excuses!

This is a mindset change for a lot of people. You see excuses every time you read the headlines in the newspapers. We also often demand to know why someone failed or some company failed on a project. We look for accountability. The mainstream media loves to grill people on this type of stuff.

The only reason for failure is poor judgement or poor execution. There is no other reason!

Both of these things can be overcome towards the achievement of our goals and objectives.

Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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