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Success and What to do about the waiting…

You have your goals and objectives set and you are concentrating your efforts to make them happen. But you just can’t wait. You want it to happen now!!!!!

Well this is not uncommon. But this can also be a fatal trap if you do not watch out.

If you feel that things are not happening fast enough, you need to make sure that you keep this in check.

Some people will try to pull the plant out of the ground to see how it’s growing. As you can see from this example, the plant will not continue to grow if you do this all the time.

This is where faith is needed.

Faith that if you are taking the necessary steps to reach your goal you will see it, when it is meant to happen.

What can  you do to take your mind off the impatience of waiting:

1. Make sure you have a balanced goals program – make sure that you have multiple goals going at once, in the areas of relationships, finances, health and fitness, career and spiritual. Making sure to focus on the one until you can do no more on it and then move your focus to the next most important goal.

If you are focusing on only one goal and you reach the point where you can not move forward at this moment you will get frustrated until you can start moving forward again.

2. Have faith – If you are doing all you can do, then you should have no worry that you are going to reach your goal.

3. Look for ways to expedite what you are looking to achieve – read books and take courses about ways to reach your desire and then start to apply what you have learned. This will keep you engaged in your goal and will keep your interest peaked.

Staying focused and patient while in pursuit of your goals and objectives can be very challenging but when you work in balance and maintain faith in your abilities to get it done, will help your head and help you reach more goals.

Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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