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Success and Becoming a Product of Your Own Conclusion

My mentor, Jim Rohn, says in his key note speeches that, “you need to become a product of your own conclusion.”

He gives the example of one book on health says that you need to do this to become healthy, while another book says that if you do what that first book tells you to do you’ll die.

So you’ve read both books and your still confused, what do you do?

Well you need to do some more research.

But after you have done your research you need to take action based on what you feel the best scenario is. And beyond that you need to take personal responsibility for your decided actions.

We live in a society where we have information thrust at us from every possible device of communication.

We have the TV, Radio, Internet, iPhone with Internet access, text messages, billboards, flashing neon signs and we even have advertisements on the box of cereal we just purchased.

We are being bombarded with different messages daily but in the final examination it will be the decisions that we make for ourselves that are going to make all the difference for us.

Some sound advice was given many years ago and that is “Seek and you shall find.”

If the information you get isn’t quite sitting right you need to keep “searching”. And you know what I mean by sitting right. If it doesn’t feel right in your gut, you need to keep searching.

Let me close with this picture.

You wake up and you find yourself at the pearly gates (meaning your dead), and you are asked to make an accounting. When you look over your shoulder for help and there is no one else around. You are the only one who can give an accounting for yourself.

Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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