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Living Successfully and Complaining

When you are attempting to live a successful life, when is the proper time to complain?

The short answer… NEVER!

When you start to get into a complaining state of mind, you are giving power to something outside of yourself.

When something is disagreeable with you, it is something inside of you that is causing this feeling. If you are looking at a situation and it requires something outside of you to change to make you happy, then you are surrendering power to that outside source of change.

Happiness… if you get it from something outside of you, that same thing can take it away from you. This is power you do not want to give up.

Complaining has no place in a successful life, not even if the complaining is about a short coming that you have. When you are complaining about a short coming you have, then you are surrendering to it. You must face those short comings head on and find a way to get over, around and eliminate them.

Here is a short list of ways to get over your short comings:

1. Learn from them – if it something that repeats over and over, you need to change a thinking pattern that is occurring in your habitual thinking. Once you change this pattern of thinking, the shortcoming shouldn’t happen again.

2. Find someone else to shore up your short coming – We often find ourselves thinking we have to be good at everything. The fact is… we aren’t! If there is something that you are attempting to do and it is something you can give over to someone who can do it better then you then give it away.

3. Give yourself some slack – we are not perfect. When we do things that we feel are stupid, we tend to be unmerciful to ourselves causing us to make ourselves cringe whenever we attempt it.

Complaining and successful living do not go hand in hand. If you find yourself in an environment that thrives on complaining, then get out and get out fast.

Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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