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Success and Times of Trouble

When people think of living a successful life, sometimes a picture of going from day to day smoothly with little or no trouble at all.

But the stark reality is that life no matter how successful or filled with failure it is, comes with many troubles. You ability to learn from and overcome these troubles will ultimately determine your level of success.

If you face your troubles with despair, you will live a life of despair and will look back at your life and wonder what happened.

But if you focus on the lessons to be learned during the trouble times, you will learn many valuable lessons along the way and build a life filled with victory and success.

Here is a list of things that may help you get through troubling times with a little less stress:

1. Remember that as long as you start to focus on the solutions to your troubles instead of the problem itself, the immediate trouble will dissolve with the action you take to get past it.

2. Take a few minutes and write your problem at the top of a sheet of paper and start to brainstorm some ideas, no matter how far fetch you may feel they are, that will move you past these troubled times. Then more important than the list itself is the actions you take on the ideas on this list.

3. Find a friend to vent to. Not to solve the problem for you, unless they are qualified, but just to get it off your chest. When you hold these things inside, they often have a way of creating bad things to happen in your body. Ulcers, undo stress often come to mind. Plus they bind up your creative process.

4. Remember, you were a contributor and completely responsible due to your actions and thoughts that brought you to this point in your life. And only you with a change in your thinking and your actions can get you out of these troubling times.

If you are blaming others for this troubled time in your life you are giving away power to something outside of you that has the power to make you happy with your life and this is very un-empowering.

It’s very easy to maintain a positive upbeat attitude when things are running smoothly, but when you can maintain that same attitude during troubling times, you are a true master of your destiny and have the power inside of you to live a highly successful life.

Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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