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Success and Troubled Times (Part 2)

As I think about this subject, I always go back in my mind to the time when I was most troubled by things that I had created to happen. And I often remember obsessing about the problem to the point it was affecting me in other aspects of my life.

I remember…

Being at work and just thinking about the problem, I thought was so devastating, that I had people asking me what was wrong.

I remember snapping at my son for something that he had done, that when I looked at the situation after, I thought how silly was I to have done that.

I remember being afraid to talk to my best friend, because I thought he would think I was less of a person.

Then I remember…

When I started to take constructive action towards solving the problem that I started to act more like myself. And it was obvious to those around me.

That all problems or setbacks are all temporary as long as you start to learn from them. If you don’t learn the lesson delivered with the problem, you could certainly repeat the problem again and probably will.

Problems are placed before us to help us grow. If life was meant to be trouble free, it would be real boring. The real growth comes with solving the problems presented to us.

Believe me, I know that when facing problems, it can be very easy to start looking for someone else to blame. But when you examine it deeply, you will come to the conclusion that you and only you allowed this problem to happen with your thinking and your actions and sometimes your inactions helped to create this to happen.

The best way to face down a problem or challenge is…

1. Accept responsibility, even if others were involved. When you take sole responsibility for the outcomes in your life, you become the master over all your situations. When you blame others for your situations you are giving away power to others.

2. Develop a picture in your mind of how you really want your life to be and make this picture as vivid and crystal clear as you can. Write it on paper in the most detail you can.

3. Create a plan to take you from where you are to where you want to be. This is the bridge. These are the actions you need to take in order to get from here to there.

4. Take Action. Start down the path immediately, no matter how imperfect your plan may be. If you are waiting for the perfect plan, it will never come.

5. Get help. Often times our pride holds us back from asking for help. Start with a prayer. And ask God to help you find someone who can help you, and if “you seek, you will find.” If, “you ask, you will receive.”

Problems are a huge part of life, our ability to effectively overcome these problems looking at them as learning opportunities instead of detrimental situations never to over come will help move through these troubled times with a little less stress.

Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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  • Nice tips John,

    Its funny I was just thinking about writing something similar to this post to reflect my own thoughts and than seen your tweet ..

    Oh, well .. going to different topic now 🙂

  • Herman Cocks

    I found this article to be great,right to yhe point that it kind
    of remind me of myself,it fit exactly the type of person that i am.
    Thanks for this article,i will use it to help me make right choices,and
    better decissions in my life from now on.Thank you!