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Success and The Magic of Clear Thinking

Success in life is about clarity. Clarity in all things!

The things that you have to be clear about are the end results that you want to achieve in the areas of your health, finances, relationships, spirituality and business or career goals.

You must have a crystal clear written picture of each of these areas that you can review and refine on a constant basis.

This clarity is what will allow you to take the proper action necessary to reach these pictures that you have defined for yourself.

These pictures must be pictured as already achieved in current language. For example: Your statement would be “I weigh 180 pounds.” instead of “I will weigh 180 pounds”. 

Putting your goal statements into present tense puts your subconscious mind to work for you. It will help arrange things outside of your scope to come into line to help you achieve this picture.

You simply have to take action towards the goal you have set for yourself.

It is not possible to achieve your goals without action. To write your goal statement and not take action is as good as not writing your goal statement at all.

ACTION is the beginning of the receiving process! You can not receive without taking actions towards what you are looking to receive.

Clarity in your thinking will help you in many ways including:

1. When you are clear with your goals and thinking you will enlist the help of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind works 24/7/365 and will help bring forward information that will help you achieve this goal or objective as long as you taking action congruent with your goal or objective.

2. Clarity will help you make better decisions based on feedback. When you start taking action, you start to get feedback and your ability to make adjustments that continue to move you forward towards your goal is key to achieving that goal. Without the clarity of your goal, you will be unable to make the proper adjustments that move you forward to your goals.

3. Clarity will also help you enlist the help of others to help you achieve your goals. When you can paint the picture with crystal clarity in the mind of others not only do you get the help of your subconscious mind, but you get the help of the subconscious mind of those who buy into your goal or objective and that is true power.

Providing clarity to your goals and objectives provide you benefits that are unseen to the human eye. Make it a point to clearly identify your goals and objective and refine them daily with the new feedback you receive from the actions that you have taken to move you towards those goals and objectives.

Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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