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Success – When can I you just sit back and enjoy myself?

I am often asked. “When can I just sit back and enjoy myself?”

I find this a highly interesting question. I find it interesting because based on the principles of success as I know them you can never sit back and continue to succeed in life.

Now don’t get me wrong… You need to have time to reflect and relax. This makes a well balanced life.

But this is why leverage is so important and this is also why concentrating your efforts to achieve the greatest result also comes in.

When you focus your energy and time on a concentrated manner through your unique talents and abilities you will achieve great results.

There are people who work in the accounting field, who concentrate all their efforts before tax time and provide their clients with the results they are looking for and take the next 4 months after April 15th, to unwind and enjoy some relaxation time.

What could you do with 4 months of uninterrupted time for yourself?

Teachers in America have 3 months off during the best weather of the year. The concentrate their unique skills and abilities to teach Americas youths for nine months out of the year.

The tighter you develop your talents to serve a unique niche market, the more control you have over when you schedule your work.

Think about the food vendors serving up the fried dough, curly fries and beer at all the fairs in the spring and fall. Some of the more successful vendors make enough money in three to four weeks that carry them for the whole year.

When you start to concentrate and leverage your efforts in a manner that serves your market when they need to be served you can pretty much take large blocks of time off to enjoy yourself.

But when it times to buckle down, get busy, and get it done!

Here’s to your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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