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Your Success and Your Ability to Change Habits that do not serve you

When it comes to the success you seek, the way you work with your habits will ultimately determine you level of success.

Habits are those things that you if you do not take control of them, they can sabotage your efforts without you even knowing why it is happening.

The funny thing about your habits is that you are operating with them whether you know it or not. And you are being controlled by habits you may have picked up when you were a kid.

You have a habitual way of thinking about things and you have certain habitual ways of acting. And both control you in certain ways.

1. Habitual Thinking – You have certain views of the world, that you have picked up over your years and these views effect how you interact with the world around you. You have a habitual way of looking at yourself and you will only move to that level. If your habitual way of looking at yourself is of a person who is over weight, no matter how many diets you go on you will always return to the way you look at yourself.

2. Habitual Action – You have certain ways of acting that can cause you from achieving great success. You have certain reactions to things that you have carried around with you for a long time. In interpersonal situations, you may have been put down early in life, which causes you to react adversely to criticism. Constructive criticism and feedback are the only way we can grow, if we have an adverse effect to this it can certainly hinder your efforts to succeed.

Habits are a controlling force in your life and your ability to eliminate habits that do not serve and to create habits to serve you is a key to success.

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As always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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