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Who will you be better off with in the White House?

With the presidential election a little over a week away, the question I pose is…

Who will you be better off with in the White House?

Will you taxes be lowered or raised? And how will that effect you?

Will you finally get what you deserve from the government?

Anyone who has been reading this blog long enough, knows that this is a trick question.

It shouldn’t matter who gets in the White House for you to live your life successfully.

If you are not happy with the way your life is going, the only person you need to address that with is the person you stare at in the mirror everyday… YOU!

You are the only person who can make yourself happy. If you are relying on outside circumstances to make it happen for you, you lead a miserable life of unhappiness and disappointment.

Here are 4 keys to living a successful life:

1. You are responsible. When you accept full responsibility for your life, your life changes in profound ways for the better. You start to become a “the buck stops here” person and people like to deal with those types of people.

2. You live your life on your own terms. You set goals that are in line with your personal interests. When you work on goals that others set for you, you tend not to be at your best. BUt when you set goals that are in line with your personal strengths, you will die before giving up.

3. You take action. You don’t just set the goal and wish for it to happen, you take forward action towards it and adjust according to the feedback you receive, and you never give up.

4. When you do meet a road block that has you stumped, you seek expert counsel. When you reach a road block that is far above you head you are not afraid to get help. Many people are afraid to ask for help because they feel that they will look incompetent. But the successful person is not afraid to ask for help when needed.

Living a successful life should not be determined by who is in the White House. It should be determined by your ability to set a well defined goal, take action towards its achievement and adjust if necessary by the feedback you get from the action you are taking. And if you hit a road block that you are not capable by yourself to get over, you ask for help.

As Always, Here’s to Your LIfetoSuccess,

John Clark

P.S. Make sure to pass this on to anyone you know who can use this information and make sure to visit http://www.habitbustingsystem.com and start to make this a habitual way of acting today!

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