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Your Success, Re-Distribution of Wealth and Affirmative Action

With the recent US Presidential elections almost here, there has been a lot of talk in the news and on talk radio about re-distribution of wealth, affirmative action and reparation.

These are very divisive issues and anyone who has been affected by any of the above items has some very strong emotional opinions about the issues.

But when it comes to the above issues and your success, they are completely unrelated. Not only that but if you are a recipient of re-distribution of wealth or affirmative action, you had better watch out.

Here are a few points that may be of interest about these highly divisive issues:

1. Re-distribution of Wealth – When someone receives money from anything other than their own labors, this is short lived money. This money comes from an entity that is looking to garner votes in their favor. It does nothing to help anyone grow.

It is actually a form of slavery. Money that is taken from one group in order to give it to a group that has not earned is social welfare and if you receive any of this money you will be asked to do things that you may not want to do.

If receiving this money makes you happy, this will also be a conditional happiness that can be taken from you at anytime.

2. Affirmative Action – This is another form of re-distribution of wealth. ANYTIME standards are lowered in order to make someone else eligible for a job, it lowers the total of a country.

Real wealth and prosperity comes from providing real value to others.

This is my opinion and I believe when you look at it and really take a gut check, you know deep inside that it is true.

When you level the playing field, no one has to stretch anymore. No one is expected to do anymore than anyone else and this is not in our nature.

What I find very interesting about this is that this has been happening as far back as history has been recorded.

What’s even more interesting is that successful people through the ages have been happy based on their productivity. And outside circumstances have had little effect on them accomplishing their goals in life.

Our true nature is to expand, to reach, to stretch!

I would be interested in your opinion!

Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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