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Congratulations to Barack Obama… But what does this mean for PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY?

I would like to extend a special congratulations to the new President of the United States, Barack Obama.

He fought a hard race and is the first African American President of the United States and congratulations are certainly in order.

Even though I do not agree with most of his views, I do believe we need to stand behind our leaders and trust that they will make the right decisions for our country.

I pray that those decisions:

1. Empower the people they govern to succeed based on their own efforts – I believe people should be empowered to succeed by the fruits of their own efforts. Their own creativity. Their own labor.

If they lay a heavy burden on those who do succeed, only to give it to those who are not creating, we as a country will be destined to fail. This will also create an atmosphere that will discourage successful living.

2. Raise the standards for everyone, not lower them to make everyone feel good – When the standards are lowered, it does not serve the greater good. But when standards are increased and people push themselves to the best they can be, society as a whole ends up benefiting from this.

When people understand that pushing themselves to achieve their own desires is what makes everything move in an upward spiral.

3. Everyone can succeed in spite of everything that goes on outside of themselves – When people understand that the circumstances that happen outside of their control, do not determine their level of success, we will reach a level of success never experienced in our life times.

Success is determined by our ability to provide profitable value to others.

This is achieved by using our minds to think creatively about what will positively benefit those around us, that they would willing pay for.

By using our time in a manner that addresses the need to those we serve and doing that everyday, keeping our minds focused on additional ways we can serve those around, creating more profitable value.

This is also not exclusive to any race, religion or sex. Anyone can be successful if they follow the success formula.

As always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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