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Who is Defining Your Successful Life?

When it comes to living successfully, the only person who should be defining that for you is…


When you take full responsibility for your life and your happiness, nothing can stand in your way of living a successful life.

The key is to find a creative way to make it work no matter what the obstacle is that you seem to be facing. If you want to achieve something bad enough you can and you will if you stay the course and persist until you see it reach reality.

You need to take the lid off of your thinking. You need to find more creative ways to make your success and happiness a reality.

And here is a thought that you need to wrap your mind around.

No one or no outside circumstance has to change in order for you to make this happen. The only thing that has to change is your thinking and your actions.

When you take the barriers off your thinking, you will find creative ways to get past the imaginary obstacles that you think you may be facing.

Here are some ideas that may help you take the cap off of your thinking:

1. Write down all the answers to the following question “I could achieve “my goal” if only ________________.” Now write all the answers you can come up with.

2. Once you have that list, take what you feel is the biggest obstacle that is on the list. Now start to write down as many possible positive solutions to overcoming this obstacle.

(A note of caution here: You may find yourself in a situation that involves others in your life. A wife or husband, kids for example. When you are looking at solutions that involve these people in your life, you need to filter those answers through this question, “Will this solution benefit everyone involved?” If not you need to move on to the next possible solution.)

3. Start looking for examples of others who have faced the same difficulties, you face and start to see if the solutions they used can be used in your situation.

4. Take Action! – Nothing takes the place of action. When you take action, you will start to receive feedback that will tell you from all angles if you are heading in the right direction and you can start to make adjustments to get you back on track if necessary.

The only person who can define your success is you!

Build your life of success around your own blueprint!

For some great ideas about living a building a successful life check out: http://www.maverickbusinessinsider.com/go?w=mbiweb&p=LSucces 

This webinar will certainly open up your mind to defining your life based on your own terms!

As always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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