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How Do You Consistently Advance Forward?

I am often asked, “how do you keep up with forward momentum?”

This is a very interesting question.

But then I look at the way we have advanced through time. According to recorded history, we started off in caves, drawing rudimentary pictures on the wall to communicate. We are now at the point where when I am done with message, I will hit “Publish” and this message will be available for billions of people to view anywhere in the world.

How is that for advancement?

The only way that we can continually advance forward is to…

Expose ourselves to “new” information on a continuous basis. And when we receive this information, we need to apply this information in a way that gets us the result we are looking for.

It’s not just enough to “understand” the information, we need to “apply it” in order to get the “result”.

As my mentor, Jim Rohn says, “RESULTS is the name of the game.”

This is how we have achieved every advancement in technology that we have to this point in our history, and this how we will enjoy the advancement of the future technologies.

This not only applies to technology but it applies to anything that you desire.

If you want to improve your relationship with your child or parent, there is “new” information that you can expose yourself to that will help you bridge this gap.

If you want to increase your productivity, there is “new” information that you can expose yourself to double, triple or even quadruple your productivity.

The beginning part of this process is…


When you desire for something, this is what starts the wheels in motion. And when you back that desire with faith, persistence and you expose yourself to “new” information that you take action on, it starts to move you towards what your desire.

It is a formula that works no matter what you desire.

Start working the formula toady!

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As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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  • Hi!
    From a spiritual perspective I hear…”faith without works is dead” in your post.

    Thank you so much for that! Such good advice. Without action, one’s desire is just a dream.

    So glad I stopped in 🙂