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Maintaining Your Vision While Living in the Moment

If you have studied any success information you will often come across a statement like… “Living in the Moment”.

This is a very misunderstood statement and I would like to provide an explanation that I have come up with in my studies from several of the experts in the area of success.

Now successful living all starts with desire. A vision you want for your life. Something that is not happening in your present reality.

1. Desire or Vision – This is a future reality you would like to experience. This can include a certain amount of money or investments, or a certain fitness level or the way you relate with others.

This is the starting point of success. Desire is the starting point of all success.

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2. Working with the Laws of Success – This is an area that you have to become a complete expert in. The best lawyers are the ones who understand the laws the best. You need to become a “lawyer” with respect to the laws of success.

There are many ways of getting to the vision you have just worked out. But there is a direct way to get there and when you understand how the laws work to get you from point A to point B.

This is the area that you get your mind conditioned with the thoughts that will help you take the actions necessary to accomplish your desire.

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3. Taking Action – Living in the moment. When you start to study this material, you will soon come to the conclusion that the “real” thing you have is your thoughts and actions in this very moment.

You can do nothing that will change what happened in the past. You can’t physically do anything 10 minutes from now, at this moment. The only thing you can do is choose how you handle this moment.

Decisions that you make now create your future.

Let me explain.

Let’s say your vision is to be 20 lbs. lighter than you are now. Your vision is to make this a reality in 2 months. Now every time you go to nourish yourself, you have a Big Mac and  a grilled chicken salad side by side.

Here is where the decision of the moment plays a huge roll in your future vision. If you decide on the Big Mac over and over again, your future vision will not become a reality.

Your decision in the moment must be congruent with the vision you have for the future.

This is a habit that must be developed.

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As always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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