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CEO Compensation, President Obama, TARP and FREEDOM…

I was reading this story on MSNBC, when it dawned on me that when the US government is a business partner, you will be limited by the things you can do.

And I find this very scary.

If this can happen, what will happen when the government takes over health care….

Will the doctors be limited to what they can make? or worse yet will the have to join a union and then all the doctors will make the same regardless of their skills as a doctor.

You might be saying to yourself, “John, what does this have to do with success?” And that would be a very good question to ask after my last two posts and here is my answer…

I have been writing over the last couple of years about personal responsibility and when you look at the message that the government and the businesses that are “too big to fail” are sending out, you may question come of the success principles.

No one or no entity is too big to fail. Failure is a natural course of successful living, but if no one or no entity is allowed to fail then we will stop growing as a society.

And that would be sad.

The other lesson is when you rely on others for your happiness, you will become a slave to those who have control over making you happy.

Case in point, yesterday, according to Vegas Guy, Wells Fargo are reconsidering their yearly trip to Las Vegas for their top performers because of the displeasure of Capitol Hill. And today the fact that President Obama is limiting CEO pay for the TARP recipients.

Many will applaud this… but there are freedoms slowly but surly being stripped from us.

If we can do this with the companies who are getting TARP money why can’t we require those that receive welfare to do jobs that need to be done in their neighborhoods?

Just a thought…

Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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