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I fought the Law but The Law…

When it comes to the Laws of Success, the laws always win. Whether you know how they work or not.

When you think about a lawyer, who do you want representing you if you have the need of a lawyer?

The one who has the best knowledge of the law. Well it is about time that you become a master of the Laws of Success. There are 12 laws of success that work hand in hand with each other.

And when you start to see how these laws work with each other… you put these laws at your command.

The Laws are:

1. Working with Law – This is the law of laws. This is where you set up your mind to work with the other laws.

2. The Law of Thinking – Most of us think we think but we are merely repeating the same habitual thoughts that we always think.

3. The Law of Supply – This is “not” the law of supply as you think you may know it. It is a very interesting concept. Everything you need to succeed is already at your finger tips.

4. The Law of Attraction – This is the one law that was highlighted in “The Secret”. When you add this law with the others you become a prosperity magnet.

5. The Law of Receiving – Once you unlock this law watch out!

6. The Law of Increase – What you concentrate on swells in your reality. This is a great law when understood.

7. The Law of Compensation – This is a great law. You will never have to wait for the government to raise the minimum wage or the union to negotiate more money for you ever again when you work with this law.

8. The Law of Non-Resistance – This is the law that proves hard work is not the answer.

9. The Law of Forgiveness – You will be surprised at the first person you must forgive.

10. The Law of Sacrifice – This law will blow your mind when you see the power of sacrifice.

11. The Law of Obedience – These laws have been around since the beginning of mankind. When we become obedient to the magnificence of the laws, our lives will change forever.

12. The Law of Success – This is the law that wraps them all together.

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When you live your life in harmony with the success laws, you will experience everything you desire.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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