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Your Success Begins when…

Success always begins when we take complete responsibility for our OWN happiness. When we rely on others for our happiness, we give up way too much power to the people that we rely on for our happiness.

Does that make sense?

Here is a simple example…

If you were relying on our ex-President George Bush to make you happy, a lot of people seemed to be very unhappy.

If you were relying on the election President Barack Obama to make you happy, I think you are probably coming to the realization that this is not happening.

My mother said something very profound to me, she said, “If you rely on others actions to make you happy, you will live your life being sorely disappointed.”

When you give up the power of your happiness to others, you are giving over to those people, the power that should be yours.

Let me lay out a quick and simple step by step path to happiness:

1. Desire – You need to have a desire to be, do or have something. Without this your life will just be a series of days filled with disappointment. If you do not have a desire for yourself, you will be destined to work for someone who does have a desire.

Here is a web resource that can help you with this part of the success formula: http://designsuccess.lifetosuccess.com

2. Plan for Profitable Service – What are you going to do to provide service to others in order to garner a profit to get what you desire? What price are you going to pay in order to reach your desire? What food and excercise program are you going to follow to get to your ideal weight?

This is where you lay out your plan to get to what you want to be, do or have. This is the step I like to call “Working with the Law”.

Web Resources:

Free Video Series exploring the 11 Forgotten Success Laws – http://www.lifetosuccess.com/forgottenlaws

Complete 11 Forgotten Success Laws Course (Great Program and Offer) – http://forgottenlaws.lifetosuccess.com

3. Take Action – You have your desire set, You have laid out the plan to pay the price to get what you want, Now you have to take the most important step….

ACTION! You need to put your plan into action even before you have your plan perfected. There are many dreams that have died because of waiting for the perfect plan.

The starting part of receiving is taking action towards what you desire.

This is also where you need to make your actions congruent with what you want. Quick example… If you want to get to your ideal weight but you keep your current exercise and eating habits, you will never reach that weight.

Getting to what you desire requires you to take DIFFERENT action! Changing your habits is key to this working.

Web Resource: http://www.habitbustingsystem.com

By following this simple three step action plan, you can virtually get anything you desire.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

P.S. Make sure to pass this on to anyone you know who can use this information and make sure to sign up for the FREE video series located at http://www.lifetosuccess.com/forgottenlaws

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