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The 3 Step Formula to Successful Living

Living successfully is very rewarding but it does not come without it’s challenges.

When you start to look at your life and the results you may be getting, you may be asking yourself, “Why is this so hard?” or “What am I doing wrong?”

God has provided us with a system that works for anyone. But if you go against the system, you simply impede your results or get very mixed results.

But here is the great part about this system, the chose is yours whether to participate or not.

Now if you choose not to participate, you simply will not be rewarded for anything. But still this is your chose.

Here are the 3 Steps to Successful Living:

1. Desire – You MUST have a desire to be, do or have something. This is extremely important. If you do not have something for your mind to lock in on, you will spend a lot of time basically going in circles.

As far as desire is concerned, the stronger the desire the more apt you will be to achieve it. Without a strong desire you may give up at the first sign of resistence.

Web Resource: http://designsuccess.lifetosuccess.com

2. A Plan to provide a profitable service to others –  This is where you develop a way of serving others, profitably, in order to get what you desire.

Or simply put a plan to pay the price for what you desire.

A keen understanding of the Laws of Success is important here.

Web Resource: http://forgottenlaws.lifetosuccess.com

3. ACTION! – This is where you start to put you plan into action. Action is the only way you will get feedback.

Feedback will also tell you:

1. How well you are doing? Is you plan on track or off track?

2. What changes do you have to make to become more efficient?

Action is the key that  unlocks the receiving process. Without action, there can be no receiving.

Some may argue with me about that stating cases about welfare, foodstamps and the like. I simply say that a price has to be paid and will paid, it is just a matter of time.

Web Resource: http://www.habitbustingsystem.com

The steps are simple but the follow through on the steps are hard. It is your perserverance that will bring in the reward you seek for the service you provide.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

P.S. Make sure to pass this on to anyone you know who can use this information. Also make sure to check out the web resources above.

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