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Living Successfully with Well Defined Goals

I recently posted a three step process to living successfully and the first step us to create a crystal clear vision or direction that you would like to have success with.

Goal Setting is one of the most sought after skills in the internet. Most people who want to live successfully know the importance of clearly defined goals with a plan to meet these goals with success.

When you are working with yourself to figuere out what you would like to be, do or have, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you would like to create smart goals or S.M.A.R.T. goals.

S. stands for specific – smart goals are specific. Very clearly defined. It is not enough to say you would like to lose weight. It should be that you weigh and then name a specific weight or body fat percentage.

A specific goals statement would look like “I weigh 185 lbs with 17% body fat.”

M. stands for measurable – smart goals are measurable. When you create a goal there is generally a bridge that needs to built from where you are to where you want to be. Success with this goal could be a simple measurement such as are you there YES or NO.

If you are working with fitness goals, the measurement could be from where you are with your weight to where you want to be. Example: the difference between 215 lbs to 185 lbs.

This is where you get the best feedback with your goals.

A. stands for Attainable. – smart goals are attainable. When you first start with goal setting, you will here that you should make your goals huge and this is true. You may also look at it this way… if someone else has accomplished it then you should be able to attain it as well.

Smart goals are goals that are based on what you want to accomplish and a good rule of thumb is… if you can think about it you should be able to, with the right focus on your goals, attain it.

R. stands for realistic. Smart goals are realistic. You may say to yourself, “What is the difference between attainable and realistic?” Well my friend Mike Litman explains it like this. Mike says that you should set a goal to be a thousandaire before you set the goal to become a millionaire.

When you start working with smart goals, you should dream big and I think the bigger the better. You should never limit what you set your goals at.

But you need to set check points along the way.

It’s great to set a goal to become a millionaire but then you need to work back from there and set check point goals.

For Example the step goals would look like this:

$1,000,000 by 12/2015

$500,000 by 12/2011

$200,000 by 12/2010

$100,000 by 06/2010

$50,000 by 12/2009

When you break it down in realistic chunks, when you start to hit the resistance to your goals, it will be easier to psuh past them.

T. stands for Time Bound. great goals are time bound. Smart goals have a deadline. This is where the pressure to get to where you want to go comes from. With a deadline you could languish in your goals forever not accomplishing much of anything.

Smart goals are goals that challenge you, but keep you in the game when the going gets tough. Smart goals are just that, they are goals that work for you while keeping you engaged and on track.

Success comes from stepping through your accomplishing smart goals and using a goal setting program that keeps you in the game while challenging you to stretch.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

P.S. Make sure to pass this on to everyone you know who could use this information and remember that most of our success is based on our habits and the way we habitually think. Habit control is the key to success. Make sure to visit http://www.habitbustingsystem.com and take control of your habits today!

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