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Becoming the Obvious Choice: Time for a Reality Check

I was recently at a meeting with the company that I work for and they presented a slide show called “Becoming the Obvious Choice”. I thought is was very interesting, it was based on a book Bryan Dodge and David Cottrell. When I got home I ordered the book on Amazon, as I always do when I see content that I am interested in.

Over the next couple of posts I am going to summarize the book, because it is very important to learn these skills in these times of very rapid change.

The first chapter is titled Time For a Reality Check.

The Talent Test

As I have written in the past, we were born with God given talents and if we take the time and develop these talents, we can put ourselves in a position that we can serve many people.

But as we grow up, we generally end up in jobs that we got when we were younger that just put money in our pockets. These jobs were not necessarily in line with the unique talents that we have but we kept at because we never gave much thought to our talents and abilities.

The fact is when you line up your talents with a career or business that leverages your unique abilities, you will make a much better employee or service provider.

The Values Test

The next area is our values. It is important to be with a company or business that is in line with our values. When we are working in a job or business that does not fall in line with our values, we will end up very unhappy.

We will also put ourselves in a position at some point where we will have to make a choice between our values and our career.

The Desire Test

Are you willing to pay the price to advance to the next position? Does it fall in line with your long term goals? Does it fall in line with your short term goals?

If you don’t have the desire then maybe it is time to re-evaluate and work on another plan.

In the next post we will discuss the next chapter called Connect.

Until then, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

P.S. If you are interested in getting the book simply go to Becoming the Obvious Choice and get it!

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