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What is YOUR True North?

What is your true north?

You are probably saying, “John, What are you talking about?”

Well I am suggesting that “true north” is the set of values that you base all your decisions on. With this rapidly changing world we face right now, I believe we are going to face some very trying questions.

The only question is are you going to be compromising your “True North” principles to get on in this world. Or are you going to stick to your principles and live life based on YOUR values.

I suggested the other day on one of Jim Rohn’s videos that when I listen to him speak, it just resonates inside of me as being based on solid success principles.

The problem we face now is that we have a growing sector of our world looking for “Something for nothing”, unfortunately there is no such thing as “something for nothing”. There has to be a priced paid for everything. But this growing sector wants to take away from the people who do produce and give some of their earnings to those who do not produce.

This is not a good situation.

How are you going to handle this when it comes to you?

If you are not producing, will you go against the “True North” and take this redistribution or will you start producing in order to get your rewards.

If you are producing, are you going to bend to this radically new way of re-distribution? Or are you going to peaceably get involved to stop this lunacy.

These are the questions that we are facing right now and it is time for all us to develop our “True North”

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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