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Living Your Life Successfully

I’ve been trying to mix it up a little bit lately on the site, adding a some video content and I have been getting a lot of feedback from the members of LifetoSuccess.com. The great majority has been very positive so I will adding more video content. And with the positive there is always the differing view which I also enjoy to hear.

But the question that I have been asked from one of the subscribers is… “Why do all the video and written messages seem to say the same thing? Why don’t you come up with DIFFERENT ideas?”

I thought about that for a while and it started to bother me a little bit. Not to be questioned but he was right about that, the messages and videos do seem to carry the same message.

BUT… Here’s the deal, success principles are not flashy or sexy. And there are not a lot of them.

Think about this for a second, when you have a sports team that is off their game a little bit, what do they do? They go… BACK TO THE BASICS!

This means they start to practice the fundamentals that got them to where they are to begin with, making the adjustments in their actions that were not getting them the results they were looking for.

Living successfully is about these three things:

1. Desire – Your want to be, do or have. The more emotion you have behind this the more obstacles you will be able to overcome to be able to overcome. This is a personal choice that everyone has to make for themselves. The more personal if is the better.

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2. Plan – Once the desire has been set, we need to determine the price we are going to pay to achieve this desire. NOTE: The plan does not have to be perfect before we launch. As my good friend, Mike Litman says “You don’t have to get it right, you’ve just got to get it going!”

A major draw back for most is that they feel they have to have the perfect plan and they never do the most important thing and that is…

3. Take Action – Action is the only thing that will bring you closer to your desire. Without action there is no reward.

Now here is a High Performance Living Tip with regards to taking action. Your habits will determine your level of success. The more control you have over your habits the more successful you will be.

Let’s say that you have a weight issue due to poor nutritional habits, and you have this idea for a new business venture but you also know that you have to get your weight under control, you will have what I like to call a split focus which will minimize your efforts and you could possibly end up giving up on both of the goals.

The key is to start developing the habitual way of thinking and acting that will empower you to focus your efforts more precisely.

Web Resource: The Habit Busting System

Success is not flashy, but the rewards for following a simple discipline to achieve YOUR personal desires will pay you dividends that will help you end up living a successful life.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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