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What are You Going to Do to Make This Your Best Year?

The last couple of posts have been about the 100 Day Challenge that will be starting in about 22 days. For more information on that you can go to: http://100daychallenge.lifetosuccess.com

Regardless of where you stand for the year, you can still be very aggressive and accomplish some of your big goals for this year. It will take a little effort and it will require that you take actions that you are currently not taking.

I’ll give you my personal example, I have been struggling a little with my weight. It has been an area that I have struggled with for a few years. About 3 weeks ago, I made a decision that I am going to get this under control. My father also helped me make this decision when he went in for surgery this year for heart issues.

Not only was a nervous about losing my father but I didn’t want to go down that path myself. If you were to put us side by side we have the same body shape, the only difference is I’m a little taller.

My father is doing well since the surgery and he should be out on the golf course soon, which will make him a happy camper. He’ll be even happier if he can get back to his scratch golfer status.

Since I made that decision, I went back to a program that has helped me accomplish some great things as far as my habits go and that program is The Habit Busting System.

Working with that program, I have been able to change the way I think about food and my fitness level which has helped me make decision about what I eat even when the temptations were very high.

I have since had to pull my belt in two places in about three weeks, I have more energy and I feel tremendous.

I will continue to use The Habit Busting System to help me solidify this as a way of life and I promised my dad that I will be down to see him and play golf with him soon. A little slimmer though…

As Always, Here’s to your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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