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Happy Labor Day! Your Success Depends on It!

In the US, we are celebrating Labor Day.

The holiday was first celebrated in the US, on September 5th, 1884 in New York City. The holiday was born out of labor disputes between laborers and the companies that employed them.

As there certainly may have been some trying times back in those days between what was perceived to slave wages and the like, we have certainly come a long way.

My mentor, Jim Rohn, says “In the US, you need to look at the wage system as a ladder. It starts at the bottom at minimum wage and goes to what ever your hearts desires.”

Meaning you are not limited in the US as to what you can make. If you are industrious and willing to look at the market place, fill a need for people who are willing to pay for your services, the sky is the limit as to what you can make.

But it all comes out of labor that others are willing to pay for! If people are not willing to pay for your labor, you place yourself in a self defeating situation.

Recently in the US, we have past a stimulus package to subsidize certain industries that people where no longer willing to pay for. Namely the US auto industry, not including Ford Motor Company. And Amtrack.

When the government has to step in and subsidized anything, it means that the market no longer exists and it should be left to the market whether these companies survive and not the government.

Sure people will lose jobs and portions of an economy will be lost but that is what working in a FREE market society means.

And this is where we take a risk, with the greater risk comes the greater results. If there is no risk, one, there is very little value and two, there is very little reward.

We generally run into a problem when we rely on another entity for our happiness. Because when that entity goes south, so does our happiness. And this is a risk that you can’t leave in someone else’s hands.

I am going to leave you with a couple great resources to check out about recession proofing your life.

Recession-Proof Your Career Strategy Cashmap

Productivity Strategy Cashmap

Recession-proof Your Home Strategy Cashmap

Financial Survival Strategy Cashmap

Make sure to check out these great resources and download all the Cashmaps, these are step by step processes that will help you recession proof your life. And to help you get the most out of your labor.

Happy Labor Day and Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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